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Daycare and Kindergarten

Bounce/Downs Street Freckles Creative Learning  (Facebook Page)

Bumblebee Place (Facebook Page) #

C & K Maranoa Kindergarten

CCM: Cherub Childminding and Daycare Scheme (Facebook Page)

Chrystal’s Cheerful Private Day Care (Facebook Page)#

Freckles Creative Learning Centre (Website)

Kara’s Family Daycare*  See Flyer below

Goodstart Early Learning Centre 

Good Vibes Child Minding Service at PCYC

Little Beginnings Family Day Care (Facebook Page)#

Murilla Family Day Care Scheme

Uniting Church Family Day Care Scheme – Roma – See Flyer Below

# Private Day Care Provider

* Registered with Murilla Family Day Care Scheme

(There are several educators caring for children in Roma who operate under Murilla Family Day Care Scheme – Email for more information or click on the link in the above list for phone contact details.)

Uniting Church Family Day Care



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Event 190329: Chaplaincy Car Boot Sale – Friday 29th March at Lions Fish and Chips Night

Chaplaincy Car Boot Sale

Donations to support this sale can be dropped off to the Uniting Church at ” The Shed” Cnr. Bungil and Arthur Streets, on  Sunday 17th and Sunday 24th March from 11.30am to 1.00pm.


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Event 190329: Roma Church of Christ Playgroup – Special Events

Roma Church of Christ Playgroup

Playgroup Events

 Location: Roma Church of Christ, 119 Currey Street

When:  Fridays 9-11am (school term)

Bring morning tea to share

Open to anyone who wants to join us (no charge

For more information:

Facebook: Roma Church of Christ

Website: Roma Church of Christ


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Event 190421: Combined Churches Easter Good Friday Service and other Easter Services

Roma Combined Christian Churches Logo


The Combined Churches Good Friday Service will be held at 8am at the Roma Church of Christ – 119 Currey Street, Roma

Other Easter Services



All Saints Roma

All Saints Easter Services


Roma Church of Christ – 119 Currey Street

Sunday 21 st April – 10 am

Roma Uniting Church (combined with Lutheran Church)

Sunday 9.30 am


St Paul’s Anglican Parish – Cnr Arthur and Bungil Streets

Eastrer 2019 Services St Pauls


For other church information please click here.


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Event 190728: Date Claimer – Abundance Ladies Conference

Save the date for the Abundance Ladies Conference – more information to follow.



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Event 191210: Roma Toy Library – 2nd Tuesday of Each Month

Roma Toy LibraryToy Library Dates

We will be open from 9-11am on the second Tuesday of every month at the Church of Christ, 119 Currey St, Roma. Membership is free and families can borrow 3 sets of toys per month. Come and enjoy!

The Roma Toy Library, offers families of all income levels free access to a library of high-quality educational toys on loan to children aged 0-5 years.

We accept donations of good used toys, ranging from wooden toys to outdoor gross motor toys. Categories include sand play, water play, musical play, pretend play, pretend play (eg animal figurines, doll houses, dress up clothes, pretend food), outdoor gross motor play (eg tricycles, see-saws, skipping rope), fine motor play (eg threading wooden beads, wooden blocks), play with words (eg finger puppets, themed puzzles).

General guidelines for donated toys:

  1. Favour natural materials where possible. These are often more durable than plastic and provide a more varied tactile experience for children.
  2. Toys must durable enough (i.e. of high enough quality) to withstand repeated use by multiple families over the years.
  3. Favour toys that are ‘passive’ and allow the child to play actively. This means usually avoiding electronic or battery-operated toys.

Monetary donations can also be made at

If you can help with any of the above, we would be so grateful! Please contact Nat Cooksley on 0448177797 or on the Roma Toy Library Facebook page.



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