Event 171231: Queensland Young Achiever Awards

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Event 171231: Queensland Young Achiever Awards

Nominations for the Queensland Young Achiever Awards are open!

The Awards are designed to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievements of young individuals in Queensland up to and including 29 years of age, as of 31st December 2017.

Do you know someone who is doing amazing things? We would love for you to enter them into the Awards!

There are a number of categories open, in particular we have LGIAsuper Community Volunteer Award and we would love for you to recognise someone you know! Please see attached category criteria for this award.

The Awards are free to enter, all you need to do is click here to get started.

Don’t have the time? No problem, we are more than willing to help!

If you are able to provide the following, we can do the rest for you:

  • The first name and last name of the person you wish to recognise
  • Their email address
  • Their contact phone number
  • Their date of birth, if known
  • Your name, contact number and email address

We will contact them to let them know you have nominated them and we will have them complete the questions online.

Category winners will receive $2,000 thanks to Auswide Bank, plus the Queensland Young Achiever of the Year will be taking home an additional $2,000 thanks to Auswidebank. To find out more please click here

Nominations close Friday 15th December 2017.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Felicity Robinson
Awards Administration Assistant
Queensland Young Achiever Awards
Ph 1300 055 096| www.awardsaustralia.com

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Information Submission

Below are PDF forms that you can download and fill out if you would like your information displayed on this site.

Activities and Events Form

Services and Business Form

Be sure to email them directly to romaforfamilies@gmail.com and attach a photo of your activity, business or logo.

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