Event 180823: Event Management Course for clubs – Roma – 23rd August

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Event 180823: Event Management Course for clubs – Roma – 23rd August

Sport and recreation organisations have been staging events for years – from the small inter-club one-day carnivals to hosting major national championships. Events can be one-off, weekly, seasonal or annual competitions. They can be conducted on a single day, over a number of days or even held across multiple venues. Regardless of the size, duration or composition careful planning is required. Successful events can be exciting and benefit a wide variety of people, including your organisation’s bottom line. This workshop includes practical tips and information on planning and managing an event; feasibility; things to consider before, during and after an event; pitfalls to avoid; and evaluating your success

Registration:Register online
Closes Friday 17 August 2018

Address:Maranoa Regional Council, Ernest Brock Room

Bookings Required

Cost: Free

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