Event 180511: Moonlighting in Moffatt Art Exhibition

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Event 180511: Moonlighting in Moffatt Art Exhibition

Moonlighting in Moffatt art exhibition by Karen Knight-Mudie is coming to Injune, Mitchell and Roma to tell a story of the Kenniff Brothers.

This art exhibition has been a result of Karen Knight-Mudie’s many field trips, stories and research that saw new direction for the images to move beyond the land, across creek beds and campsites to court records.

Official opening dates for Moonlighting in Moffatt:

Injune Creek Gallery
Friday, 19 January at 5.30pm

Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery
Saturday, 20 January at 1pm

Roma on Bungil Gallery
Friday, 30 March at 10am


For more information:

Moonlighting in Moffatt – on Maranoa Regional Council website


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