200128: Daycare and Kindergarten

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200128: Daycare and Kindergarten

C & K Maranoa Kindergarten

Chrystal’s Cheerful Private Day Care (Facebook Page)#

Kara’s Family Daycare*¬† See Flyer below re holiday program

Goodstart Early Learning Centre 

Good Vibes Child Minding Service at PCYC

Milestones Early Learning Centre (Website)

Murilla Family Day Care Scheme

Noels Family Day Care – See Flyer below

Teagan’s Place Family Day Care

Uniting Church Family Day Care Scheme – Roma – See Flyer Below

# Private Day Care Provider

* Registered with Murilla Family Day Care Scheme

(There are several educators caring for children in Roma who operate under Murilla Family Day Care Scheme – Email fdcmiles7@bigpond.com for more information or click on the link in the above list for phone contact details.)

Noelne Welk Daycare Holiday Program

Uniting Church Family Day Care



Information Submission

Below are PDF forms that you can download and fill out if you would like your information displayed on this site.

Activities and Events Form

Services and Business Form

Be sure to email them directly to romaforfamilies@gmail.com and attach a photo of your activity, business or logo.

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