Roma Neighbourhood Watch

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Roma Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program which aims to reduce crime and to build a safe, secure and more confident community. Neighbourhood Watch will assist in educating the community on ways to improve their level of personal and household security, encourage individuals to mark their property for ease of identification if stolen and to improve the relationship between local police and the community.

Roma Police would like to call on any members of the Community that are interested in being a part of Roma’s new Neighbourhood Watch Group. Please contact Senior Constable Rochelle Gillett at Roma Police Station on (07) 4622 9333 and register your interest or to receive more information on this great program.’

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Roma Neighbourhood Watch


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District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC)/Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator

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Rochelle Gillett is the District Crime Prevention Coordinator (DCPC)
This is a co-ordinating role for crime prevention and recruiting strategies within the Roma Patrol Group. The function of the DCPC is to educate the community with strategies to reduce them from being a victim of crime, for example the ‘Lock it or Lose it’ campaign. The DCPC liaises with various cultures attempting to understand their beliefs and ways to break the barriers amongst the Police and Community.
This role also entails:
– Liaise closely with relevant internal & external stakeholders and members of the community to tailor and deliver crime prevention and reduction strategies
– Perform school-based policing activities – co-ordinate Adopt-a-Cops
– Conduct Security Audits at Businesses or private residences
– Running of the Police Blog ‘’ and Facebook Page:  Roma Cops
– Liaise with the Media regularly and advise them of current police issues, including radio segment every Wednesday morning on 4ZR

Rochelle is also the Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator for the Roma Patrol Group.
Senior Constable Rochelle GILLETT
District Crime Prevention Coordinator / Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator
Roma Patrol Group / South West District
42 Queen Street, ROMA 4455
Wk: (07) 4622 9315 Fax: (07) 4622 3574



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