Drug Arm – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service

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Drug Arm – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service

DRUG ARM Australasia is a specialist, non-Government, AOD agency, based upon Christian principles.
The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (DATS) enables people to access professional support face-to-face or via telephone. This service offers individuals assistance in addressing any issues relating to their own use of alcohol and other drugs.
You might use DATS if you:
 feel you need to talk to someone about what’s going on in your life
 could use some support while clarifying your goals and future direction
 are worried about your mental health or feeling down or stressed
 would like information and education about alcohol and other drugs
 are feeling isolated or alone and want to increase your support networks
 want to reduce your drug and/or alcohol use
What service is provided?
The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (DATS Program) is a comprehensive and structured outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment service for individuals with multiple and complex needs. The service delivers intensive clinical support for people 18 years and over who require ongoing treatment to overcome, or manage harms associated with alcohol and other drugs. The program provides assessment, case management, case formulation, counselling, detox support, psycho-education, social skills training, relapse prevention, and referral strategies. The program is delivered in a welcoming, non-judgmental and confidential environment. Client participation in the DATS program is voluntary.
A DATS episode involves interventions over 12 weekly one hour sessions. Clients seeking support can be seen for up to four consecutive episodes, approximately one year of continued treatment. As the program is voluntary, clients may choose to withdraw before the completion of 12 sessions.
Who provides the service?
A qualified clinical worker will deliver the program sessions. Drug ARM staff are trained in up-to-date counselling practices and techniques. All of the staff are supported by DRUG ARM Australasia to engage in ongoing professional development and supervision. DRUG ARM Australasia is committed to continuous improvement and the provision of effective services.
Feedback and complaints
Periodically workers will ask you questions about how you rate your session. You can also give feedback using a client feedback form and ask at any time about our grievance procedure.

Address: 61 McDowall Street Roma

Email: FatimaS@hoa.drugarm.com.au

Website: Drug Arm Australasia


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Nuriyn Wellness Centre

The Nuriyn Wellness Centre is attached to the Roma Hospital and offers a range of services such as;
 Alcohol and other drugs (health promotion)
 Diabetes Educator
 Social Worker
 Palliative Care
 Continence Nurse
 Breast Care Nurse
 Oral Health
 Cardiac Nurse
 Speech Pathology (adult)
 Physiotherapy (paediatric, balance class and lower limb)
 Occupational Therapy
 Health Promotion team
 Women’s Health Clinic
 Dietician
 Cardiology Clinic
 Cardiac Services (rehab/ECG)
 Community Nutritionist and Podiatrist.
 Home and Community Care (HACC) services, including domestic assistance, social support, nursing care, personal care, meals and home maintenance are available to eligible clients.
Appointments are required for all clinics. A referral from a GP is required for physiotherapy and cardiac

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Roma Community Narcotics Anonymous Support Group – Monday and Friday evenings

Are you wanting, or trying to quit using drugs?  Needing help?  Needing support?

We are offering support and mentoring for members of our community, and surrounding areas that are in all stages of illicit drug use.

We can also support and help you with other problem’s, stress’s and worries that maybe effecting your life, and being able to engage with the right community service for the right problem at hand!


  • Judgment Free + Supportive Environment  +  Confidential Safe
  • 12 Step Program + Meditation Sessions  +  Life Coaching
  • Snap Fitness Sessions + Exercise Group’s  +  Social Nights

Where : Community Hub, 44 Quintin Street, Roma

When  : Mondays & Fridays, 5:30 pm

Roma Community Narcotics Anonymous Support Group updated


Information Submission

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Activities and Events Form

Services and Business Form

Be sure to email them directly to romaforfamilies@gmail.com and attach a photo of your activity, business or logo.

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