Event 180511: Moonlighting in Moffatt Art Exhibition

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Event 180511: Moonlighting in Moffatt Art Exhibition

Moonlighting in Moffatt art exhibition by Karen Knight-Mudie is coming to Injune, Mitchell and Roma to tell a story of the Kenniff Brothers.

This art exhibition has been a result of Karen Knight-Mudie’s many field trips, stories and research that saw new direction for the images to move beyond the land, across creek beds and campsites to court records.

Official opening dates for Moonlighting in Moffatt:

Injune Creek Gallery
Friday, 19 January at 5.30pm

Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery
Saturday, 20 January at 1pm

Roma on Bungil Gallery
Friday, 30 March at 10am


For more information:

Moonlighting in Moffatt – on Maranoa Regional Council website

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New Maranoa Regional Council Website – My Maranoa


Council is currently launching a new, one-stop-shop website – My Maranoa – the site is live for feedback, with content being added gradually.

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Regulated Parking

Maranoa Council logo


Residents will have over a month to prepare for the three hourly regulated parking, with the amnesty period having now been extended until 30 June 2015.

Resulting from initial feedback regarding the location of the regulated parking signs, the amnesty extension will allow any overhanging branches and/or objects limiting the view of the signs to be removed (if possible).

Visit http://www.maranoa.qld.gov.au/ for the full article.

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Maranoa Regional Council – Community Support Service


Maranoa Council logo

Maranoa Regional Council’s Community Support Service provides individual and community support by linking people to services, acting as an information resource, coordinating community education courses and developing community projects.

We provide:

  • Information and support about what services are available in Roma and surrounding communities
  • Support and referral
  • Information and education opportunities on relevant issues
  • Client advocacy in line with identified needs
  • Funding information available to individuals and community groups
  • Assistance with the submission of forms, online applications, providing & sourcing information and referring to other services where appropriate.

The program also coordinates and assists with the Roma Inter-agency Meetings and the Service Provider Directory.

For more information please contact Council’s Community Support Officer – Roma on 1300 007 662.

Maranoa Regional Council
57 Bungil St Roma QLD 4455
Postal Address: P.O Box 42 MITCHELL QLD 4466


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Information Submission

Below are PDF forms that you can download and fill out if you would like your information displayed on this site.

Activities and Events Form

Services and Business Form

Be sure to email them directly to romaforfamilies@gmail.com and attach a photo of your activity, business or logo.

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