200220: Free TB Clinic for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children

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200220: Free TB Clinic for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children

Please see the attached Flyers, Questionnaire & Information & Fact sheets on the upcoming clinic for free BCG vaccinations against TB.  The Clinic is scheduled for Tuesday 18/02/2020 at 12:30pm (screening) and returning on Thursday 20/02/2020 at 12:30pm (interpretation of screening) at the Nuriyn Wellness Centre at the Roma Hospital. 


The primary focus of the program is to offer screening an BCG vaccinations against Tuberculosis to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and children who may travel to high risk countries for Tuberculosis.  The program focuses on children from birth to five years who have not had a previous BCG vaccination.  This vaccination is only offered by this travelling clinic.  Children are not able to access this vaccination through a GP.  Please disseminate this clinic information to families that identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and families that a parent is from a high risk country for Tuberculosis.


The TB Outreach Clinic also provides an opportunity for all health care workers to have a Tuberculosis screening.  The TB screen is encouraged as a baseline going into health care and then every few years thereafter.  All people that require a TB Screen for University Placement can access this free service.

Please call Child Health on 4624 2977 or Kobi House at the Toowoomba Hospital on 4616 6446 to make an appointment.


The Tuberculosis Outreach Clinic is a FREE service.


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