Roma Explorers Inn – 44778 Warrego Highway

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Roma Explorers Inn – 44778 Warrego Highway

Explorers Restaraunt


  • Relaxed fine dining restaurant boasting a seasonal menu complete with Children’s meals.
  • 5.30pm -8.30pm open 7 days
  • Courtesy Bus
  • Children’s Play Room


Tel:  07 4620 1400

Fax:  07 4620 1488

Website:  Roma Explorers Inn

Facebook Page: Roma Explorers Inn

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Roma Swimming Pool (Denise Spencer Memorial Pool) – 142 McDowall Street

Swimming Pool

Roma’s Denise Spencer Memorial Pool remains open as per its normal trading hours.

We are starting lessons this Saturday
10:00 Kindy
10:30 Prep
11:00 Grade 1
11:30 Grade 2
12:00 Grade 3
12:30 Grade 4
1:00 non Swimming Grades 1,2 and 3
1:30 non swimming adults
4 week blocks
Text Stacey on 0408847255
This Saturday
Saturday 6:00am Pool lifeguard course
Sunday 6:00am PLG RECRED AND CPR
Apply online through RLSSQ
PLG Course ID: 1453451
PLG RECRED Course ID: 1453454
Home to see you all back at the Denise Spencer


Facebook Page:  Roma Swimming Pool

Google Map:  Roma Swimming Pool


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