Maraona Wildlife Caring & Education Centre

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Maraona Wildlife Caring & Education Centre

Maranoa Wildlife and Education Centre

Maranoa Wildlife Caring and Education Centre

We are looking for caring people who are passionate about Wildlife in South West Queensland to become Maranoa Wildlife Carers. Once inducted, you will receive a package of goods and information to get you started looking after our orphaned and injured animals and birds.
The 2022-2023 Membership renewals are now open for Maranoa Wildlife group. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a wildlife carer follow the link to our website to register your interest

If you come across a native animal that requires rescuing,
please call us on 0458 624 760.

If you’re unsure what to do, here’s a good resource for you.
Wildcare Australia Inc. Rescue Information

More Information:
Facebook Page – Maranoa Wildlife Caring & Education Centre


Information Submission

Below are PDF forms that you can download and fill out if you would like your information displayed on this site.

Activities and Events Form

Services and Business Form

Be sure to email them directly to and attach a photo of your activity, business or logo.

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